Color Essence Interior RAL

Color Essence Interior

24 months ahead of the season, these colour cards contain important basic information concerning the colour moods, and therefore deliver the key for your early and individual colour concepts.

Four colour themes are described in each issue, illustrated by original RAL Design Colour stripes as well as by inspiring collages and brief but concise comments (English).


  • User-friendly and compact format
  • Early colour information approx. 24 months ahead of the season
  • 4 colour themes including 7 trend colours each, printed and with RAL Design colour reference
  • All trend colours in removable packages containing original RAL Design Colour stripes (approx. 2,5 x 11 cm), sorted according to the themes
  • Brief, concise trend descriptions per theme
  • Inspiring theme collages
  • 48 hour service for further order of individually selected RAL Design Colours in A4 format pages for your design use, specifications and production confirmations at RAL DESIGN A4.