Color Essence

The trend color cards for women's, men's, children's, sportswear and interior deliver basic information on the color moods of the season and the key for early individual colour concepts. Each color card introduces four trend themes illustrated by original Cotton Swatch Cards (stripes) from the PANTONE® Textile Color System (for Fashion and Home), and described by inspiring mood boards with brief and concise commentaries in English language.
Color Essence Women  Color Essence Men  Color Essence Sport
Color Essence Children  Color Essence Interior  Color Essence Interior RAL


  • User-friendly and compact format
  • Early colour information approx. 18 months ahead of the season
  • 4 colour themes including 7 trend colours each, printed and with PANTONE® FASHION + HOME colour reference
  • All trend colours in removable packages containing original PANTONE® Cotton Swatch Card Strips (approx. 2,5 x 11 cm, double-layered), sorted according to the themes
  • Brief, concise trend descriptions per theme
  • Inspiring theme collages
  • 24 hour service for further order of the colour strips or other swatch sizes at